Kreyol Kwizin's Sample Kit

Sample Kit (includes 3 products)

Want to discover the unique flavor of Krèyol Kwizin's products in smaller sizes? Try our sample kit. It's the best way to experiment with our products without committing to a larger size. Included in the kit are 1.5 oz bottles of our All-Purpose Organic Dried Haitian Seasoning (Epis Powder), our All-Purpose Organic Haitian Seasoning (Epis) and Dife (Fire) Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce. Try them and come back to get yourself a full size of your favorite product or give it to a loved on as a gift. Either way it's a great way to Taste a Culture™.

Contents: All-Purpose Organic Dried Haitian Seasoning (1 oz.), All-Purpose Organic Haitian Seasoning (1.25 oz.), Dife, Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce (1.25 oz.)