Kreyòl Kwizin is an artisanal specialty food manufacturer, producing organic vegetable-based seasonings, condiments and beverages originating from Haiti.

Epis ROOTein™ NEW
Get Into One!!

NO soy or lactose and packed with 25g of protein, ROOTein™ is made from a select number of root-based herbs.

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Epis Organic Haitian Seasoning (Epis)

Now made with Himalayan sea salt, this intense seasoning and marinade will add a bold and distinct flavor to your meals.

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Pikliz Organic Pikliz (Spicy Pickled Relish & Garnish)

Hot! Spicy! Salty! Vinegary! The best way to add some zest to anything fried. Try it on your next sangwich! (Yeah.. I said sangwich!)

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