Epis Powder

All-Purpose Organic Dried Haitian Seasoning (Epis Powder)

This ain’t your momma’s epis! Epis Powder is a unique spin on the multi-purpose wet marinade version. This incredible blend of dried vegetable and herbs is unbelievably versatile. It adds tons flavor to any dish you’re preparing to grill, bake, sauté, or fry. Sprinkle a little on some french-fries, eggs and even salads. There's no seasoning or flavor out there like it.

Ingredients: Organic garlic powder, organic parsley flakes, organic thyme, organic ginger powder, organic onion flakes, air-dried green onions, air-dried red and green pepper flakes, Himalayan sea salt.

Size: 4 oz. | SKU: DRYEP40Z