Dife (Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce)

Dife (Fire) Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

Scotch bonnet peppers have a slightly sweet taste to them. This variety of chili pepper has a distinct taste and aroma that sets it apart from its habanero cousin. It's also one of the hottest peppers around. We've combined the intense heat of scotch bonnet peppers with our spicy vinegar to create a unique combination of spicy, sweet and savory.

Ingredients: Scotch bonnet peppers, organic red bell peppers, organic cloves, organic sweet onions, Organic Pikliz vinegar (from our Spicy Pickled from our Spicy Pickled Relish & Garnish), Organic Haitian Seasoning (Epis), sea salt.

Size: 5 oz. | SKU: DIFE5OZ