From our kitchen to yours.

Kreyol Kwizin's Test Kitchen
Kreyol Kwizin
From our kitchen to yours.

Drawing inspiration from both authentic Haitian cuisine, Kreyòl Kwizin produces artisanal specialty food products made from organic vegetables and herbs. These products include seasonings, condiments, garnishes and beverages.

Kreyòl Kwizin is Haitian Creole for, "Creole Kitchen". For most people, naming a Haitian dish is a difficult task. Our mission is to the elevate Haitian cuisine to the point where it is easily identifiable as a taco.

When you're cooking with our seasonings you are adding a flavor that has been passed down from one generation to the next and then, from our kitchen to yours.

For many years, Kreyòl Kwizin’s management, has been behind the scenes designing and marketing for some of the largest food manufacturers in the U.S. Some of which include Kraft Foods, Godiva Chocolates and Gevalia Coffee.

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Kreyòl Kwizin is Haitian Creole and means "Creole Kitchen". (Kwizin is pronounced kwee-zeen)